Getting in the word in 2019

Getting in the word in 2019

The start of the New Year is a great opportunity to start a new Bible reading plan! Research continues to show that what separates mature Christians from immature ones is reading the Bible. We simply cannot grow in our faith without being people who are saturated in the Word of God. Most of us know this, as a matter of fact, 67% of people who commit to reading their Bible more do so because they come “to understand it as an important part of my faith journey”

Research continues to show that what separates mature Christians from immature ones is reading the Bible.


So if we know reading the Bible is essential to our walk with God then why don’t we do it more? Why is such a struggle for us and something we do inconsistently at best?


For 58% of us, it’s because we are too busy. Between work, kids, hobbies and other activities we just can’t seem to find time for reading our Bible. At first, that may sound legitimate but the average American spends over 11 hours a day interacting with media in some way. Between scrolling through Facebook, texting friends or watching a movie on Netflix we have proven that the issue is not that we don’t have the extra time but how we prioritize that time.

So if we know that we need to be in the Bible how exactly do we get started? Here are some helpful tips to get you started on Getting in the Word in 2019!

Find a time to read your Bible that works for you

Consistency is key. Find a time that should work for you most days and dedicate that as the time when you will read the Bible. For some, it may be early in the morning before everyone else gets up but for some night owls early in the morning may be the worst time, it may mean that after 3 days of getting up early they give up. Its far better to read your bible at lunch, or in the evening then to not read it all.

Shoot for 5 days a week

Certainly reading your Bible every single day is a great goal. But often times we easily give up if we set our goals too high. So plan in 2 “grace days” a week. Then when you have a bad morning because your alarm didn’t go off you aren’t crushed and tempted to just give up because you can’t meet your goal. It’s simply a grace day. The truth is for most Christians reading their Bible consistently 5 days a week would be life-changing, so just start there and grow into more.

Pick a plan

Just like anything else you’re much more likely to succeed if you have a plan. Randomly opening your Bible and just reading where it lands will work for Day 1 but it won’t sustain you long term. It doesn’t really matter what your plan is, what’s important is just having ones. Here are some helpful suggestions.

  1. Journal through a book of the Bible. This has always been my favorite way to read and study the Bible. I simply pick a book of the Bible and then journal through 5-10 verses a day. For each verse, I write out what the verse is saying (a good study Bible helps with this, top recommendations are ESV Study Bible, Macarthur Study Bible) and then how that applies to my life. Journaling helps you to meditate and think through the Scripture. It removes the possibility of just skim reading and helps to implant God’s Word in your heart and mind.
  2. Read through the entire Bible in 2019. If you have never read the entire Bible then make it your goal to do so in 2019. There are lots of good plans that will take you through the entire Bible. Bible in a Year Plan. Bible in a Year Chronologically. F260 Reading Plan

Read the bible in community

Whether with a friend, your connect group or with your spouse find someone to keep you accountable and encourage you throughout the year. Not only will this help keep you excited about sharing what God is teaching you but it also will encourage you not to give up when it gets tough, and it certainly will.

However, you decide to commit reading your Bible in 2019 the most important thing is that you just read it.

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. – Hebrews 4:12