How Can I Join The Church

How Can I Join The Church

Why should I join the church?

  • For Spiritual Growth! Nothing helps you grow in your relationship with the Lord more than being connected with other believers. It is through the bonds we make with other members of our faith-family that we experience the love, nurture, accountability and support we need to learn to walk more closely with the Lord.
  • For Service! Our church provides many opportunities for members to serve others. We learn service by serving other believers, and we extend our service by serving our Heath, Newark, and Granville communities and needy people in Ohio, across the country, and literally around the world. The possibilities for serving the Lord by serving others are plentiful at FBC Heath.
  • For Nurture and Care! When you become a member of FBC Heath, we are better able to provide the nurture and care you and your family need in a world with so many hardships and difficulties.

How can I join the church?

  • Our pastors would love to contact you and walk you through how you can be a part of our church family. Please email us at info@fbcho.com and mention MEMBERSHIP in your message. One of our pastors will contact you soon.