Journey Courses

Journey Courses

Journey Courses are 6-week elective courses focused on equipping believer in their walk with Christ. Course topics focus on practical and theological topics and are taught by qualified and trained leaders. Courses last for 6-weeks and then new courses are offered. Journey Course’s meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8pm in Harmon Hall.

OCT 17-NOV 19


Instructor: Pastor Dave

What will heaven really be like? From movies to books to child visions we have been told a lot about heaven but what does the Bible actually say? In this study, we will learn all about our eternal future.

Hermeneutics: A hands on worship

Instructor: Pastor Rob

How do you interpret difficult verses in the Bible? In this study Pastor Rob will show us how to rightly divide the Word of Truth through hand on’s interpretation labs and examples.


Instructor: Pastor Chad

The Psalms are filled with emotion, passion, praise, and encouragement. In this study Pastor Chad will teach us how God uses the Psalms to fuel our personal worship and passion for God.


What about childcare? 

A nursery is provided and for preschool and elementary children our Awana program meets at the same time as Journey Courses. Youth ministry meets at the same time as well.

What about meals? 

Each week there is a full meal for your whole family. The cost of the meals is $4 per person or $10 per family.

Is there a cost for Journey Courses?

There is no set cost for Journey Courses they are completely free. The only exception would be if a book is required for the course however if that is the case it will clearly be mentioned in the course description.