Tuesday School

Tuesday School

The Tuesday morning preschool at the First Baptist Heath welcomes you and your child with the open arms of Jesus who said in Mark 10:14b “Let the little children come to Me.”  The learning possibilities are awesome and the eternal possibilities endless! 

Bring your preschooler, ages 3, 4 or 5 to a place where they will be spiritually, physically and emotionally safe. A place where they will learn to love, honor and obey God, honor our country, laugh, pray, sing, play, and learn age-appropriate and ability-appropriate curriculum.

Classes are on Tuesday from 9am-12pm.  Remember your child must be potty trained and 3 years old by the end of September to enroll.

Fee Schedule:
$100 for First Child
$50 for Second Child
$25 for Each Additional Child

Tuition can be paid in full at beginning of the year or paid in two parts with the remainder due by January 1st.