Hey everyone! So excited for camp this year! Just wanted to send out the plan for registrations again, and remind you to register before it fills up (it filled up by the end of February last year, don’t let your student miss this opportunity to grow closer to God and have fun with other students!)

3 "to do's" to sign up for camp:

1. Register your camper(s)!

You can do this by going to https://www.hpcamp.org/teen-camp and register for TEEN CAMP 2, July 22-27! You can register by depositing a minimum of just $50!
(The tier list does not matter which you choose. Tier 3 offers the same experience as tier 1, it just provides the camp funds for building up the camp).

2. Signup for transportation!

For our transportation costs this year, we’re asking that you register in our system. This also ensures that we know who is going, since we are unable to see the camp’s website registrations. You can register for transportation on our systems here:

2. PRAY!

Prepare by praying for the camp staff, students, and chaperones that God will use this week in a mighty way!