The Journey Bible Reading Plan is a five-day-a-week reading plan that takes you through key books of the Bible. You can follow the reading plan through the FBCHO Church App. Simply click on Bible and then "Plan." We will divide the year into four semesters and read different Bible books each semester, so you can easily jump in and join the plan throughout the year! Each week, our pastors will release a new episode of the Journey Bible Reading Podcast, where they will discuss key sections from that week's reading and provide helpful insight and answers to the hard-to-understand parts.

We can't wait to read the Bible with you this year! 

Step 1 - Make sure you have the FBCHO Church App Downloaded.
Step 2 - Open the App, click on "Bible," and then "Plan."
Step 3 - Start reading M-F. Saturday is a catch-up day, and Sunday is a day of rest.
Step 4 - Listen to the Journey Podcast each week that recaps the weekly reading. Listen on the church app or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Journey Schedule

The Bible Reading Plan has 4 semesters, allowing you to jump in throughout the year. Check out the books we will be reading in 2024! You can follow each day's reading with the FBCHO Church App. 

How Will You Read the Bible in 2024?

The Journey Reading Plan can be done by yourself or in community with others. 


You can read by yourself, using the Bible Reading Plan to guide you each day and the weekly Journey Podcast to hear helpful application points, perspectives, and answers to tough questions. 

RD Group

Gather a group of 3-4 people of the same gender and meet for intensive accountability and reading. If you need help forming a group, one of our pastors would love to help. 


The daily reading is short enough that teenagers and children can do the readings. Gather weekly as a family to review what you have read and as a launching point for family discipleship. 

Bible Study Group

Grab a group of friends or people that you are discipling and meet together weekly to go over the Bible reading.