A Student Leader Advancement Conference

What is Super Summer?
Super Summer is leadership training for the student who desires to grow in their faith and their leadership ability. When it comes to developing student leaders, there is simply nothing better than Super Summer!

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more!
Who can go to Super Summer
Students identified by their primary youth leader/pastor who have completed grades 7 through 12, know Jesus, and want to make a difference for Him.

Super Summer IS NOT for everybody, but only those who are committed to their faith and the youth group. For this reason, Super Summer is limited to those who are Student Leaders in the youth group, or show that they are serious to learn and grow in their faith. 
How can I become qualified to go to Super Summer?
1. Show Christian maturity and commitment in the youth group. 
2. Serve a minimum of 24 hours in the church this year
3. Have at least a 70% attendance rate to youth group
4. Complete the other task(s) given by the youth leader for that year. 
I'm going! What forms do I need to turn in?
First off, AWESOME! Super Summer is an amazing place for you to learn and grow! Here's what you'll need:

1. First, turn in an application. Find that by clicking here
2. Once registered, there are a few forms.
a. Church Consent Form
b. Super Summer Medical Form
c. Rules Form 
3. Keep a lookout on the given email as they will send an email for you to choose certain electives which you can take while there!
4. Pay the church through a registration link that will be generated a few weeks before camp.
How do we get there?
As Super Summer is unique in what it is, they require leaders to be there a day before the conference starts for training. As this is the case, there are a few options to choose from.
1. Carpool with others

2. Meet to Violet Baptist Church, and they will bring you the rest of the way (This has been the case for the 2023 and 2024 years, there's no guarantee that this will continue).  
3. Drive up yourself. There have been others who have chosen this option as they also like to stop on the way up for their school color gear at places like party city.

Here is the Cedarville Map that is  used to direct students to where to go. For 2024, Students need to arrive between 1:00-2:00 pm. Please instruct your driver to enter Cedarville campus by turning onto Alumni Drive where they will be directed to the registration site. A $10 cash deposit is needed (a ten-dollar bill or 2 five-dollar bills only) for their room key. This deposit will be returned when their key is turned in on Saturday.
What do I bring?
Here is the attached list of what to bring for students!
Please note that we will be observing a one-week media fast. Students are not permitted to bring their cell phones. So, Students will need to pack a hard copy of their Bible, an alarm clock, and a watch! Thank you.