Youth Parent Resources!

Hello parents! I'm so excited to be finally rolling out some really great resources for you all!
Here I will try to make occasional posts that you may find helpful to your teenagers. I will also try to post book recommendations as well as movie/music/entertainment that is helpful. You can also ask about a movie/book/TV show and I will inform you of what I know about that as well.  While on this topic, a helpful resource for you as parents will be the plugged in reviews website. There they dive into the content by different elements of the show (positive, negative, spiritual, sexual, violence, language, and others). It's a great resource to check out as we ought to filter what content we are taking in!

I'm excited to be able to serve you parents in this way, and if you would fill out this form to let me know how I could equip you, that would be so helpful!

In Christ,

Pastor Reagan

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